Garrafrauns National School, 2019

Garrafrauns National School Design Workshops took place as part of Galway County Council’s Artists in Schools Programme. May 2019.

Day 1: Invesigate garden design with the students, with a view to the future development of the site of the former school garden.

Day 2: Drawing flowers from life using ink and charcoal. It was interesting to see the different marks made as the children really studied each plant's  unique formation of  leaves and flowers.

Day 2: Plan, section and elevation

Drawing section, elevation and plan of objects in the classroom.

Day 3: Translating flower drawings into Modroc sculptures. Modroc is a plaster of Paris soaked fabric that sets after it gets wet - the same material they set your cast with if you break your leg!

 Finishing the sculptures and reflection.

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